Who We Are

Our History

Those leading Yorkshire Mediation Services have over 30 years experience of delivering mediation and training mediators across the Yorkshire region.

The charity was formed in 2012 after Mediation Leeds (Est. 1988) and Mediation Yorkshire (Est. 2007), both long running charities covering the Leeds and Kirklees areas of West Yorkshire, ceased the work they had been doing. No organisation in Yorkshire has more combined experience.

Originally the services were developed to offer an alternative to the courts for neighbours in dispute who wished to address their differences in a constructive way and neighbour mediation still forms a significant part of the service, alongside workplace mediation and mediation training.


Image of Anthony Glaister

Anthony Glaister


Joined YM as trustee in 2007. Practising mediator and arbitrator for over 25 years with a legal background. Previous chair of Association of Northern Mediators, serving on the Civil Mediation Council. Practising community mediator and faith based conflict specialist; mentor to high risk ex offenders and passionate about creating cohesive communities by reducing conflict at all levels.

Susan Betts


Susan joined Mediation Leeds as a trustee in 2007 and has over 12 years experience as a chartered management accountant in the public sector. Susan currently works full time as Head of Finance for the Hospital Building Programme and oversees the Yorkshire Mediation Services finances.

Graham Mallinson

Practising mediator with a management background. Graham joined YM in 2019.

Claire Morris

Claire has been a trustee for Yorkshire Mediation since November 2014. As a lawyer,former academic ,company secretary and grant manager for a grant making organisation she brings a range of skills and is committed to helping those most disadvantaged in society.

Specialist advisers and trainers

Colin Robertson

Chartered Surveyor with over 45 years experience in Construction Dispute ADR, including 10 years client mediation assistance.
Practising Accredited Commercial, Workplace and Community Mediator since 2012.
Oversees YM’s Volunteer CPD and training.

Colin Bourne

Practising mediator and barrister with over 40 years experience of employment and discrimination law. He mediates in a wide range of disputes and oversees prison service training and police liaison.

Ingrid Laws

Consultant trainer for the YM criminal justice training programme.

Operations Manager

Image Of Jo Leatham

Jo Leatham Operations Manager

Jo joined Yorkshire Mediation in 2012. Since then she has successfully managed both face to face and online mediations liaising with clients and mediators. Jo is also a mediator.

A sample from our 30+ Volunteers

Image of Niel Bootham

Neil Boothroyd

Neil has been a successful mediator with Yorkshire Mediation for many years

Kathy Beevers

Kathy has volunteered with Yorkshire Mediation for a number of years and has a wealth of experience.

Martin Collingwood

Martin is highly experienced as a practising lawyer and mediator. He is someone who can explain complex issues simply and clearly.

Linn Phipps

Linn came into mediation from coaching and working with people in difficult work relationships.
She trained with CEDR in 2008. Since then she has mediated with a special focus on difficult or broken relationships at work, and also in community and neighbour disputes, boundary, inheritance, commercial etc disputes.

Interested in joining our team?

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