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We offer a wide range of training in mediation and conflict resolution conducted either in person or online. Each course is tailor made to the specific needs of the organisation. Our courses are charged at realistic rates particularly for registered charities and community groups.

In the past two years we have provided training based on a 1-3 day model or session-by-session either face to face or online:

  • Yorkshire Building Society
  • Home Office – providing mediation training at three high security prisons
  • Community based training provided by a grant from the Big Lottery
  • Sessional work for charities involving homelessness prevention and mental health issues including St Basil’s Youth Charity and Doncaster Children’s Home

This is some of the feedback we received in 2019: 

Mediation was a progressive move forward here to help reduce violence. It provided an opportunity for staff and prisoners to work together with a common goal and become one team, a feat never tried before as far as we are aware.  The feedback from all involved has been very positive and has set a benchmark for what can be achieved when we all work together.

HMP Governor

Training Case Study

Jim and Ryan

Jim and Ryan* have a difficult history due to a long-standing family feud.

Jim has been at the prison for several years, has managed to secure a good job (which he enjoys) and is generally well respected by peers and officers. Jim has heard that Ryan has recently been transferred to the prison and is situated on one of the sex offender wings. He’s seen him a couple of times now and there have been a few unpleasant exchanges.

Ryan has decided to make a fresh start and doesn’t want any trouble. He knows Jim is in the prison and that at some point their paths are going to cross.

Jim has turned up to work today and notices Ryan. He thinks he sees Ryan mouth something at him and goes over to challenge him. This ends in an argument, with the Officers having to break things up.

Both prisoners have been sent back to their cells and put on basic due to the seriousness of the incident and are now worried they might lose their jobs. However, they have been offered peer mediation to try and sort things out.

The mediation process has been fully explained to them (via a peer mediator) and both have agreed to give it a go. The joint meeting gives Jim and Ryan the opportunity to talk things through in a calm and rational manner. The discussion gets heated but results in both agreeing to leave the past behind and move forward in a more civilised manner.

As the matter appears to have been satisfactorily resolved, the Officers have decided that both prisoners can return to their jobs (providing there is no further conflict).

Other prisoners have heard about this and are interested to learn more about the process that lead to the resolution of their dispute now that both men are back at work.

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