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Intergenerational and Homeless Prevention

The purpose of inter-generational mediation is to help young people and their families resolve arguments in the home by improving communication using the support of a trained mediator.

We support constructive communication between parents, siblings, guardians, carers, and their family members in finding ways to improve their relationship. This is particularly important in keeping families together and preventing truancy and homelessness. 

  • Better communication 
  • Improved problem solving
  • Improved family relationships

We can offer mediation at a nominal cost, or often free of charge, to residents of participating local authorities, with mediators independent of family services or other agencies. The aim is to get families to meet, communicate effectively and to resolve their own problems themselves without intervention from other agencies. We work confidentially and will not give feedback to other family members or family services unless there is agreement to do so. For further information click here

Case Study

E aged 16 had been referred to Children’s Services as he had been thrown out of home. His parents refused to take him back despite requests forcing Elias to be put into temporary accommodation with foster parents. A mediator was appointed and the conditional return of E to the family home was agreed.

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