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Employment and Workplace Difficulties

Workplace conflict is costly. Whether or not there is litigation, conflict is demotivating and demoralising and is bound to affect your organisation’s productivity. The amount of time and energy taken up with grievance procedures, stress-related absences and redeployment/retraining does not just affect those in conflict. The effects are felt by managers and colleagues and the demands on support services are considerable.

Mediation at an early stage can help to resolve differences, avoid escalation and promote productive working relationships. Yorkshire Mediation is entirely independent of the organisation engaging our services and the process is confidential as between each of the parties and the mediators. No information from the mediation can be disclosed to the employer without the consent of both parties and this is often helpful in encouraging openness.   This openness helps the parties to identify and explore possible solutions in a non-adversarial environment.

Yorkshire Mediation has a team of expert mediators with decades of collective experience in navigating a path through inter-personal troubles whether it is between employee and manager or between peers. The positive feedback we regularly get from clients is testament to the success of our approach.

It was a really productive experience – I think much more than either of us had expected

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