What We Do

Elder disputes relevant to the older people and vulnerable adults

Resolving issues involving vulnerable adults and their families and carers requires a delicate balance between facilitating family discussions about matters relating to safety, care and/or finances, and the vulnerable adult’s desire for individual control and respect. A skilled mediator will support both parties with respect and understanding during difficult conversations.

Who We Help:

  • Older people
  • Families, parents and siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Care professionals and managers.
  • Sheltered Housing providers and staff

Types of Dispute:

  • Health care cost and provision
  • Independent living arrangements
  • Care planning and provision
  • Inter-generational relationships
  • Abuse and neglect

Case Study


Daisy had been in care for 3 years. Her daughter made allegations that the care home failed to adequately care for mum and overcharged for things that she thought mum hadn’t had. Direct meetings failed to help and a complaint was made to the local authority who paid for part of the fees. They and the care home recommended a mediated meeting, and after private sessions and a joint meeting, all matters were resolved. Daisy was able to participate to an extent and both she and her daughter felt for the first time that they had been heard respectfully. The care home were able to move forward with some changes to the care regime and staffing and avoiding a possible lengthy complaint.

Help with Intergenerational conflict...

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