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Community Mediation

Community mediation is very much about reducing tensions and inter-personal conflict between the people, whether they are neighbours or living in the same area. It helps create more cohesive and settled communities. Problems may involve issues such as noise or verbal abuse, rubbish disposal, boundary issues, parking or threatening behaviour.

It’s like a weight being lifted


Problems can also relate to racial abuse or sexual harassment, threatened or actual physical violence, online abuse, drug or alcohol abuse,  hate crimes or other instances of anti-social behaviour.  We also assist in disputes between landlords and tenants and owners and lodgers or family members.

Our office will assess your case and appoint appropriate mediators from our very experienced panel. Working in pairs or individually, they will meet, listen to and assist each of you in complete confidence to assess the nature of the dispute and help you find a resolution. You are in control but the process might involve a joint meeting or  a series of private meetings or it can simply involve a bit of conflict coaching; it can be direct in your home, office or somewhere neutral, or it can be conducted on line, by phone or by video link.

That’s the first time I felt in control of my life for ages


The solution always belongs to those involved in the dispute but the mediators will help you move towards common ground giving you the best possible chance of getting an agreement that works everyone.


We work hard to ensure that all our housing communities are able to thrive and be confident as people live their daily lives. We are therefore very pleased to work with Yorkshire Mediation and how they work towards helping people resolve difficulties through mutual agreement. We value their dedication in helping all parties achieve the best outcome and their work in trying to restore good neighbourly relations over the long term

Wakefield District Housing

I’m so glad I tried mediation, I feel safer now


Case Study

Paul and Ada

Paul and Ada were elderly and lived in the lower of two flats. John a burly single dad lived above with his 8 year old rather boisterous son Kenny. Kenny liked to play football in the shared garden area. Paul and Ada felt threatened by the physical presence of John and disliked their flowers being knocked over by Kenny. Complaints were made you to the housing office.

A mediation was held and, after private meetings, all parties agreed to meet. Not only was an agreement reached, but they got on well with Kenny and Kenny no longer thought they were the horrid old people downstairs and John, despite his size, was seen to be polite and considerate.

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We work with local authority housing departments, with housing associations, building societies, neighbourhood associations, faith groups and, on occasions, with the police. For further information please select get in touch below

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